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Empowering individuals to be their own financial planner

Life Insurance

Making sure your family and loved ones are secured financially. 

Health Insurance

Be sure to cover for medical expenses incurred during treatments. 

Term Insurance

The affordable insurance policy covers for a period of time in years. 

Whole Life Insurance

A whole life policy covers you a lifetime and pay limited years. 

Critical Illness Insurance

A lump sum payout when diagnosed with any of the 37 Critical Illnesses (CI)

Early Stage Critical Illness Insurance

It covers for early stage major cancers and other early stage critical illnesses. 

Mortgage Insurance

Cover for your housing loan and ease your family from the burden. 

Hospitalisation Insurance

Treatments and surgeries incurred in the hospital can be covered. 

Keyman Insurance

Insure your important employee or key person in the company. 

Endowment Insurance

Ensure that you are discipline in savings and potentially higher yield to fight inflation. 

Retirement Planning

Making sure you have enough funds for your retirement and not depend on your children. 

Legacy Planning

Leaving a legacy for your next generation so that they have a better life. 

What Are Your Financial Fears?

Our Unique Approach

Our exemplary methodology demonstrated helped the community to be cognisant of their finances and take essential steps to protection and grow their wealth. 

Speak With A Financialogist

Our Financialogist will provide a complimentary review and diagnosis of your current financial health status. 

What We Believe

We aim to equip and empower you to be a victorious personal financial planner. Don’t you want to know our methodology and how it can help you? 

Financial Planning Blog

We aim to have constant updates so that you are informed of financial and insurance awareness. Grasp financial knowledge from our blog updates!

Our Customers

“Financialogy has one of the best financial planners (Financialogist) in the industry. They helped and showed me to importance of  family planning and I am confident that my retirement is secured. “

“I met up with one of the Financialogist and he is very professional. He went through a thorough process of my portfolio and let me realised what I am lacking. I felt very comfortable.” 

“Financialogy has empowered me with the knowledge and understanding on financial planning. It’s the best financial platform I know.”

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About Us

We are a licensed and certified Financialogist in Singapore that provides a comprehensive financial planning solutions to meet all your financial and insurance protection needs.

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Address: 47 Scotts Road, Goldbell Towers, Singapore 228233

Contact Number: +65 9380 2839 

Blog Updates

Happy Lunar New Year

Wishing our clients a Happy Lunar New Year!  2018 was a progressive year for Financialogy SG and we have reached more than 1,000 unique monthly visitors!  We would continue to grow and serve you in your financial planning journey.  Let's have a great year...

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