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Financialogy aims to empower individuals about financial planning and equip you with the knowledge to be a victorious personal financial planner. 

Assuming you plan to retire at 65. We’ve identified 4 main financial fears: 

  1. What if I can’t work to 65?
  2. What if I don’t reach 65?
  3. How much money is enough to retire at 65?
  4. I want to give my children a head start in life, how can I plan for their education? 

Our platform has equipped many Singaporeans and foreigners to reach their retirement and plan for their children with ease. 


I love my kids and making sure they have good education is very important to me. After taking concrete steps to plan for my children, I am assured that their education funds are planned. 

Jasmine Lim

Regional Sales Director

I’m afraid when suddenly i’m not able to work, how can my spouse take care of the family without finances. Thanks to Financialogy, they solved my worries. I am able to take active steps to make sure my loved ones are protected. 

Aw Ronnie

Mechanical Engineer

I’m single and worried that upon retirement, I won’t have enough. I met up with the team of consultants from Financialogy and I am confident that my retirement is secured. I’ll have $5,000 monthly income upon retirement on top of CPF Life. Thank you! 

Tian Xin

Admin Assitant

I am afraid if I’m strike with major cancer, I’ll not be able to work. How are my family going to survive without my income? Financialogy’s consultant has helped me solve this issue by introducing a critical illness plan so that I have a lump sum payout. My worry eased. 

Jason Walker

Managing Director

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About Us

We are a licensed and certified Financialogist in Singapore that provides a comprehensive financial planning solutions to meet all your financial and insurance protection needs.

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Address: 47 Scotts Road, Goldbell Towers, Singapore 228233

Contact Number: +65 9380 2839 

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