You are worried that your child might contract the infectious Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)?

We have a cheap and well-covered insurance to protect against HFMD’s medical expenses

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How Much HFMD Treatment Costs You?

A survey in 2014 by soap brand LifeBuoy and an article said when a child catch the contagious disease, a family could incur about $1,200. The outlay of $200 for medical bills which includes consultations, tests and medicine. The other $1,000 is the opportunity costs when parents take off to take care of the child.

We believe the amount could be higher now.


How Can I Insure Against The Escalating Costs On HFMD?

Generally, you should buy health insurance to cover for the HFMD. The health insurance policy includes personal accident(PA) policy and hospitalisation insurance policy.

You can purchase a PA policy to cover for outpatient treatment from general practitioners and paediatricians when hospitalisation is not required. You are able to claim under medical expenses/reimbursement benefit of the policy. However, not all PA policies covers. Be sure to connect with us so that we can lead you to the right insurer.

Note: It’s less than $300 annually, very affordable!

Next, having a hospitalisation insurance allows you to have a peace of mind when your child is hospitalised due to HFMD.

Therefore, it is essential to have these two insurances coverage to guard against the escalating medical expenses when your child is hit with the virus.

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