You have bought a mortgage insurance with an insurance company in Singapore?

You would like to apply for exemption for your Home Protection Scheme (HPS) scheme?

We provide the step-by-step process on how to exempt your HPS via Central Provident Fund (CPF) website.

Read on.

After you have weigh your priorities on the difference between Home Protection Scheme (HPS) vs. Mortgage Insurance, if you decide on purchasing mortgage insurance with a private insurer, you may exempt both your spouse (if any) and yourself from paying premiums for the HPS plan.

Here are the step-by-step process that you may follow to inform CPF and therefore, no more future premiums will be deducted via your CPF-Ordinary Account.

  1. Go to CPF website and login with your SingPass

Home Protection Scheme (HPS) Exemption

2. Go to “My Requests

Home Protection Scheme HPS Exemption My Request

3. Scroll down and select “Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

Home Protection Scheme HPS Exemption

4. Select “Apply to be exempted from HPS”.

Apply To Be Exempted From Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

5. Scroll down and press “Start

Home Protection Scheme Exemption Start

6. Please kindly input the following information:

Property Address: Your new insured home address

Percentage of Housing Loan under HPS: 100%

Co-Owner NRIC number: Your co-owner’s NRIC details

Home Protection Scheme HPS Exemption Information

7. Please input both the Insurance Company name and Policy Number.

Home Protection Scheme HPS Policy Details

8. Verify the information, and click “Submit“.

Home Protection Scheme HPS Exemption Submit

After you have submitted your request, you will wait for a few weeks for CPF to come back to you.

You will receive an official letter about your exemption request.


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