You want to have the benefits of a term insurance yet you do not want to pay for the term period?

We have a GOOD NEWS for you! 

You could choose to pay for limited number of years and the policy term stretches to longer than your premium payment term. 

How Does It Work?

For the policy to work, you need to be at least 21 years old and above. 

You have an option to choose both the policy term and policy premium term. What is the difference?

Policy term is the duration of the policy coverage period. For the policy premium term, it is the number of years the insured needs to pay for the premium, usually in years. E.g. You are buying a policy and pays for 5 years but the policy coverage will insure you for 50 years. 

Features of the Policy

You could choose the following: 

The policy payment term between 5 – 79 years. 

The policy term is between 10-79 years. 

What Are The Facts To Help You In Decision-Making?

When a person wants to insure for 50 years of $1 million coverage, an example would be the person’s total premium could be $300,000. 

So when the person shorten the premium term, e.g. 5 years, the monthly or annually amount could be very high to finish paying for the total premiums. 


What Are Our Advices?


We strongly encourage you to meet with a competent financial consultant to understand your budget and time horizon. He or she would design a suitable plan for your financial planning needs. 

You may contact us and our friendly and knowledgable Financialogist would assist you. 


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