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We adopt a 4-step approach to financial planning and they are understanding, planning, acting and monitoring. These are important steps to ensure you achieve financial success. 

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This is a very important step during the process to allow your Financialogist to know you on a deeper level. We will identify your current financial health, understand your financial objectives and priorities, time horizon, investment risks etc etc. 

What do you need to do?

You need to provide detailed financial information about yourself, be open and curious how this process would help your financial success. 

Through our experiences, we have streamlined 4 major financial fears: 

  1. What if I cannot work?
  2. What if I suddenly passed on?
  3. How much is enough to retire?
  4. How much to save for my children’s education?



After gathering all information, your Financialogist will analyse and develop a tailored action plan specially for you. He has to evaluate a wide range of permutations including your current financial situation, budget, preferences, constraints, time horizon and more. 

What you need to do is to establish clear financial goals and scrutinise every parameters of the financial plan proposed by your Financialogist. Lastly, you must be comfortable with the plan proposed because it will determine how committed you are to the plan. 



Its time to take action! With the proposed plans and understanding the different perspective to the proposed plan, you can now decide your preferences. 

At this part of the financial planning, you must believe in the plan and ready to commit to the time horizon. This is essential so that your financial goals are met 10-20 years down. 



After taking action, your financial planning is not over. Constant monitoring is key to make sure your financial situation becomes better with time and if there are any drastic changes, your Financialogist will take steps to make sure your financial objectives are met eventually. 

Make sure you understand that regular monitoring like annual review with your Financialogist and communicate what you want when your needs changed is important. 

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We are a licensed and certified Financialogist in Singapore that provides a comprehensive financial planning solutions to meet all your financial and insurance protection needs.

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