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At Financialogy SG, we believe in providing a holistic, all-inclusive and comprehensive financial planning solutions to all our clients and readers.

There is a growing concern to understand more about legacy planning and estate planning to make sure that the next generations have enough to meet with the rising cost of living in Singapore.

With the increasing affluent society in Singapore, parents are often concerned about the next generations and how they are going to meet with the everyday demands. Loving parents then turned to proper legacy planning so that they could “help” the next generations.

Amidst thinking about the next generations, we will always encourage them to think for themselves first.

Often, we care for the people around us but not ourselves. As we discuss with our clients that their own retirement comes first before anything.

And therefore, retirement planning is even more important than thinking about our loved ones because if you can’t take care of yourselves, how are you going make sure that amount of monies is going to the next generations.

For businesses, some companies or business owners are looking for business succession planning. Our partnered advisors would be able to help in the planning process. If there is a need to draft out a buy-sell agreement, they are equipped with the right professionals to get the agreement up.

Often, they will package with a keyman insurance to cover for the key person so that when the key person departs, the buy-sell agreement will be activated as planned in the succession planning.

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